The Story the Durga Excursions duo


In balmy Bali many years ago, Kali and Kylie became soul sisters on the back a motorbike, and never looked back. As Durga Yoga devotees, they have have committed their lives to the exploration of both inner territory and the unseen outer realms. Witnessing a need for greater ease and awareness in a burgeoning Western yoga market where the surrendering, awakening side of the practice is often neglected, and where the natural rhythms which rule us are often ignored, Kali and Kylie have often been said to be like ‘Yin and Yang' in their offerings of Yoga Retreats and Trainings around the globe.


Kylie is a self-proclaimed people person who builds ecstatic and joyful community everywhere she goes, from the banks of Rishikesh to the hidden villages of Myanmar. Once, she  even somehow made a room of 70 women in Thailand laugh out loud while she was teaching, even though they were all (Kylie included) in the depths of a 10 day silent Vipassana training.

Kylie is the YANG of Durga, she is solar, active, bubbly and bright. She encourages an active, fun, creative consciousness in her students, and alongside her music and mantra (from harmonium to ukulele and many more in-between) invites LIGHT into the DANCE of Asana. Having trained yogis from Guatemala to Djarmashala, Kylie is known to weave humor and authenticity into her teachings.


Another adventurous spirit (as all Durga Devotees are!), when not teaching yoga Kali is practicing mindful movement mountain climbing (she calls rock-climbing “yoga on a vertical face”). After enduring a near death experience climbing canyons in Thailand and was unable to walk, Kali crafted a healing modality based upon Yin principles and the wisdom traditions of the natural world. Kali invites soft and gentle textures of openness into her teachings, interweaving her complex understanding of anatomy and the subtle body. An intuitive therapy coach, Kali has dedicated her teachings to feminine fluidity and the critical need for rest.

Kali is the YIN of Durga, she serenely offers her sharp intellect, exquisite language and communication, and embodiment of wisdom as a celebrated global teacher who embraces the practitioner in the receptive, soothing light of a lunar flow.


In the spirit of duality merging into unity, the honoring of the lunar and the solar, the dark and the light, Kali and Kylie open their arms and their gifts and their heart to you now. They offer intrinsic renewal, an adventure into authenticity, and sassy spiritual tribe to boot. 


"Kylie's Yang to Kali's Yin was beyond perfect! She brought Fire and held the safest of space to explore the deeper, lower realms; unlocking blocks so that each of us could move forward as yoga teachers in authenticity! Kylie's a true Shaman and healer, while her teaching encourages the spirit to soar... free, wild and uninhibited. And Kali's Yin to Kylie's Yang was also beyond perfect! Kali has a beautiful balance of playfulness and fierceness to her teaching style that allows for both personal discovery and the discovery of yoga through it's ancient roots. Kali carries a wisdom that is truly imparted to her students through her teaching. It is an honor, a blessing and truly life changing to study under her guidance!"  - Practitioner, Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Summer 2017 - Cusco, Peru